Top Ten Best Buy Red Wines of 2013

In this slide show, the Vintage Wine Tasters announce our “Top Ten Best Buy Red Wines of 2013″. Unlike other top wine lists, this list is short and simple. We do not list any wines that we no longer can find in the stores or wine shops in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. To the best of our knowledge, you should be able to find these “Top Ten Best Buy Red Wines of 2013.” On each slide we indicate where this wine is available and the price. Please keep in mind, there are no guarantees that after you read this article and view the slides, the wines will still be available. Some of the wines have meager inventories left. For the Safeway wines, only the top-tier Safeway stores will have an extensive wine department. The Vintage Wine Tasters shop mostly at the Burlingame Safeway.

If you want to know more about any wine, each slide is linked to the posted article on Wine Values and Bargains in which the wine is reviewed. If you are one of our subscribers via email, you may not be able to see the slide show or click the link to read the complete review of the wine.

Top Ten Best Buy Red Wines of 2013

If you do not see the slide show in your email or reader go to this link: Best Buy Red Wines 2013

We tasted many good wines this past year, perhaps the best in recent memory. My favorite “best buy wine” was the Black Slate Priorat Red 2010. Unfortunately, that wine has been sold out since the end of January 2013. I recently went to the Spanish Table in Berkeley and purchased the latest vintage, 2011, of the Black Slate Red. I will review that next week. I will also be posting our “Best Buy White Wines for 2013″ in one week.


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